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Services for the Disabled

The Kuopio Music Centre facilities and services have been planned so that the needs of different customer groups are taken into notice. The aim is to provide all customers an equally rewarding visit at the centre and at the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s concerts.

Ramps and automatic doors with disabled access
There is special wheel chair access with a ramp in adjacence to both of the entrances of the Centre (Kuopionlahdenkatu and Puijonkatu).

There are also automatic doors with disabled access: an automatic door with a sensor at the main entrance (Kuopionlahdenkatu) and an automatic door with a push button at the Puijonkatu entrance.

Three elevators on different sides of the building allow customers with wheel chairs to move freely around the house; the elevator with a scissor gate located in the main entrance provides access to the Concert Hall Foyer (2nd floor) and Sky Foyer (3rd floor) as well as the Jazz Club (basement floor). The larger service elevator with a manual door is located at the Kuopio Consevatory entrance (Puijonkatu) and the third elevator also with a manual door is located in adjacence to the staff entrance (Kirkkokatu) – both providing access to the Concert Hall Foyer level (2nd floor).

There are several restrooms for the disabled in different parts and floors of the building.

Wheelchair Spaces
There are specific easy access wheelchair spaces in the main Concert Hall (right lower balcony 6 seats and right side balcony on the 2nd floor 2 seats) with good visibility to the stage. The entrance to the right lower balcony seats provides convenient access via an automatic door and a wheel chair ramp. Accessing the 2nd floor wheel chair seats you need to use the elevator from the main entrance or one of the two other elevators.

The number of wheel chair spaces and accessibility varies outside the Kuopio Music Centre depending on the concert venue.

Induction Loop
There is an induction loop, an assistive listening device in the main Concert Hall.

See the induction loop map (ATT! Not definitive. Ask for more information at the Ticket Box Office).

Customers needing a personal care aide
The disabled customers and customers with special needs have also been taken into account concerning ticket sales.

In case a customer needs a personal care aide when participating events the personal care aide may attend the event with the same ticket. The tickets are assigned to specific seats / places at the Kuopio Music Centre Concert Hall (good visibility to the stage, easy access when entering / leaving the Concert Hall etc.). We kindly ask you to inform the box office personnel of your need for a personal care aide and/or other special needs when reserving and/or purchasing the ticket. ATT! There is a limited amount of places for customers with wheelchairs. These seats may not be purchased at the Lippupiste webstore.

We kindly ask customers with special needs or with wheel chairs to arrive to the Concert Venue in good time before the start of the performance. First of all, visit us for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee or tea, but make sure you leave enough time to find your seat. The Concert Hall announcements will normally alert you to the start of the performance at 15, 10, 5 and a few minutes before the doors close. If you cannot use stairs please allow extra time to find your seat as lifts can be busy.

EU Disability Card

The EU Disability Card has been taken into use in Finland in June 2018. Persons with disabilities can use the card both in Finland and in other EU member states to easily prove their disability or need of assistance when, for example, travelling by public transport or participating in sports or culture events. The EU Disability Card is voluntary and cannot be used to obtain social benefits. A fee of 10 euros is charged when the card is issued.

This universal card will allow service providers to develop their services. Persons with disabilities can be taken into consideration better than before.

We provide:
• free entrance for the personal care aide or the support person if there is a code A on the EU Disability Card.
• free entrance for the personal care aide or the support person.
• free entrance to our facilities and free access between the spaces inside the centre.
• accessible restrooms.
• clear signs.
• mobility parking spaces adjacent to the centre.
• wheel chair spaces in the Concert Hall.
• induction loop in the Concert Hall.
• information on the Services for the Disabled on our website.
• our personnel to assist the disabled customers in the best possible way during their visit.

In case you notice need for improvement, please, do not hesitate to tell us so we can develop our services and the accessibility of the centre further.

More information on the EU Disability Card you can find here.


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