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Kuopio Music Centre Restaurant Services

The Kuopio Music Centre restaurant services are provided by Restaurant Oodi (Kanresta Ltd). Kanresta is a subsidiary of the Finnish Association for Public Health. Kanresta has provided cafeteria services nationwide for over 30 years and operated in the catering sector since 1994. When you use the services of Kanresta, you support the voluntary public health member organizations of the Finnish Association for Public Health, including the the Pediatric Research Foundation, the MIELI Mental Health Finland, the Finnish Heart Association and the Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People.

Kanresta has 26 restaurants in 8 different cities around the country. It is in charge of the catering services also, for example, the Finnish National Opera & Ballet in Helsinki, Finnish Music Hall of Fame in Helsinki, Verkatehdas in Hämeenlinna and Restaurant Einstein at the Science Centre Heureka in Vantaa. Over 300 people are employed by Kanresta.

Kanresta has been operating in the catering sector in Finland since 1994. Whatever the occasion – intermission refreshments at a symphony concert, congress with a thousand participants, gala dinner, seminar lunch or an intimate family celebration – Kanresta is happy to cater for our customers’ culinary needs. In addition to food made with the finest ingredients and tastefully presented, you can rely on Kanresta’s friendly and experienced personnel.

Restaurant Oodi will cater to your needs in different occasions:

  • Concerts
  • Intermission refreshments
  • Private functions in connection with the orchestra’s events
  • VIP and business dining
  • Buffets, gala dinners, VIP events, cocktails

The Kanresta cafeteria located on the first floor of the Kuopio Music Centre, in the Hall of Light, can seat a little over 120 customers. The Hall of Light is also an excellent setting for VIP catering such as gala dinners as well as cocktails.


Open hours:

Open on weekdays from 11 am until 2 pm and on concert evenings 1 hour before the start of the concert and during intermissions

Contact information:

Restaurant Oodi – Kuopio Music Centre restaurants
Kuopionlahdenkatu 23
70100 Kuopio

Sales (open on weekdays from 10 am until 3 pm)
Sales Manager (Food & Beverage)
Tiina Tiilikainen
Mobile 045 1874 060
eMail ravintolapalvelutkuopio (at) kanresta.fi

Book your intermission and/or other refreshments and/or catering
in the internet:
www.kanresta.fi/valiaikatarjoilut (in Finnish)

Head of Restaurant Operations
Piia Savolainen
Mobile 040 5928 825
eMail piia.savolainen (at) kuopio.fi

Executive Chef
Juhani Pennanen
eMail juhani.pennanen (at) kanresta.fi

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