Kuopion Kaupunginorkesteri


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Welcome to the Kuopio Music Centre

Address for visitors:

Kuopionlahdenkatu 23
70100 Kuopio
Service Manager tel. 044 7182 367
Ticket Sales tel. 0600 96100 (1,98e/min.+local service fee)
eMail musiikkikeskus (at) kuopio.fi

Map of the Kuopio city centre

Kuopio Music Centre parking

There are 118 parking places for motor cars and 16 places for coaches at the Kuopio Music Centre parking area which is located in front of the Kuopio Music Centre main entrance across the street (Kuopionlahdenkatu). The parking area is under the surveillance of the city traffic wardens.

There are 4 accessible parking spots for people with disabilities located at the parking area next to the Kuopio Music Centre on the Puijonkatu (Puijonkatu street) side – access to the parking area from the street Kuopionlahdenkatu.

Parking during the day

Parking during the day between 8 am. – 4 pm. is free for the first 2 hours in the first two sections nearest to the Kuopio Music Centre main entrance. In case the duration of the event is longer than two hours the customers will need to inquire for a parking permit from the Kuopio Music Centre Service Managers. The rest of the parking area infront of the Kuopio Music Centre is free.

Parking in the evening

Parking in the evenings after 4 pm. at the Kuopio Music Centre parking area is free. In addition there are parking possibilities along the side roads nearby the Kuopio Music Centre.

On weekends the before mentioned restrictions do not apply.

Kuopio City parking

The Kuopio city market place parking place is located 3 blocks from the Kuopio Music Centre under the city market place. There are 1.280 parking places in 3 levels situated underneath the city market place. The market place parking entrances are from Puijonkatu and exits to Haapaniemenkatu.

Public transportation

There are busstops for local buses on both sides of the Kuopio Music Centre.
Local bus timetables and routes – Vilkku

Regional and national bus timetables and tickets – Matkahuolto

Train timetables and tickets – VR

Map of the Kuopio city centre

Cloakroom Service

The Kuopio Music Centre Cloakroom Service is located on the ground floor of the building in the main lobby by the main entrance. The Cloak Service is organized in collaboration with the Kuopion Nuorisomusiikki ry (free translation Kuopio Youth Music Association).

The cloakroom service fee is 3 euros per customer unless otherwise informed by the event producer. A ticket for the cloakroom service can be purchased in advance or when arriving to the event from the Kuopio Music Centre ticket sales also located in the main lobby or guests may also pay the cloakroom staff directly. There is also an unsupervised cloakroom free of charge in the main lobby where guests can leave there coats and larger bags free of charge and at their own risk.

Ticket Sales

Kuopio Music Centre Ticket Sales Box Office is located on the ground floor of the building in the main lobby by the main entrance.

See more detailed information on the opening hours of the Kuopio Music Ticket Sales as well as other ticket outlets where you can purchase tickets to our orchestra’s concerts.

Restaurant Services

Read more about the Kuopio Music Centre Restaurant Services.

Seating Chart

Seating Chart of the Kuopio Music Centre Concert Hall

Cameras, videocameras and mobile phones

The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s musicians and the guest artists performing at the Kuopio Music Centre stage are here to entertain you.

As the Concert Hall doors close we kindly ask the audience to check that the mobile phones and other electrical devices are off.

We kindly ask our audience to grant the artists total silence without any distractions during the performance. Therefore photographing (especially with flash), recording using sound or video is not allowed during the performances (unless otherwise informed in the beginning of the performance or in the programme leaflet). Also talking, whispering, coughing etc. can be distracting to the performers and distract the other members of the audience from enjoying their concert evening.

If you post pictures and/or other memories on social media of your visit at the Kuopio Music Centre and/or at our events, we would be very happy if you tag or at your post to our Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s as well as Kuopio Music Centre’s social media accounts so we can also enjoy your posts:
@kuopionkaupunginorkesteri #kuopionkaupunginorkesteri
@kuopionmusiikkikeskus #kuopionmusiikkikeskus

In case we wish to repost we will contact you first and ask for your permission.

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Follow the Kuopio Music Centre on:
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The duration of the intermission is normally 20 minutes, if there is one. The duration of the intermission and possible changes are informed to the customers by public announcements at the beginning of the intermission at the latest.


The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s concerts are cancelled very rarely.

Instead, due to the illnesse of the artist(s) or some other insurmountable impediment the guest artist(s) may change during the season. Therefore the KSO holds the right for possible changes concerning artists and concert programmes.

In case the customer can not attend an event, the tickets purchased in advance are not reclaimed. In the event of the cancellation of a concert, a concert series or a series of concerts produced by the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, the ticket price will be refunded to the customer. In case the event is co-produced with or produced entirely by another company the refund procedures may vary depending on the event. Other costs, such as the Kuopio Music Centre or Lippupiste ticket service fees as well as travel and accommodation costs, will not be refunded in any case.

AED – An automated external defibrillator

There is a public access, automated external defibrillator (AED) located on the ground floor main entrance of the Kuopio Music Centre. When entering the building from the Kuopionlahdenkatu the AED can be found on the right side of the main entrance freely accessible on the wall by the Ticket Sales and Service Managers’ room. The Kuopio Music Centre defibrillator is also listed in the Finnish defibrillator database at defi.fi (in Finnish) and the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s 112 Finland -application.

The AED is a portable device used to administer a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in sudden cardiac arrest in order to restore the heart’s normal rhythm.

The Kuopio Music Centre takes people’s safety seriously and also wants to play a part of creating a nation of life savers. Did you know that the first person to usually give aid to a person having a cardiac arrest is a lay person, not a first aid or health care professional? With the help of modern public access AED you can also help saving someone’s life since the device guides and talks you through the process.

If you see someone collapse suddenly or lying on the ground, here’s what to do:
1) Try to wake up the person, shake him/her: does the person react in any way?
2) Call 112 (ie. the Finnish Emergency Response Centre Agency), tell them your location and what has happened.
3) According to the directions given to you on the phone by the 112 medical dispatch personnel, start CPR (ie. cardiopulmonary resuscitation). CPR to Stayin’ Alive (song by the BeeGees) beat helps keep proper rate.
4) In case there is a defibrillator available, like at the Kuoio Music Centre, use it following the instructions the device tells you. You can not harm anyone by using a defibrillator – the device does not deliver a defibrillating shock unless it detects that the heart is NOT in ventricular fibrillation.

Lost and found items

In case you suspect or know that you might have forgotten some of your belongings at the Kuopio Music Center, you may contact our Service Managers for inquiries.

Service Managers

Service Managers
tel. 044 7182 367
eMail musiikkikeskus (at) kuopio.fi

The Service Managers’ work station is located on the ground floor of the building in the main lobby by the main entrance (Kuopionlahdenkatu) next to the Ticket Sales Box Office. In case you need the Service Managers’ help or guidance and they are not present at their work station, pick up the phone by their door and the call will automatically be connected to their phone.


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