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Contact information and personnel

(Updated on 1 August, 2023)

Visiting address
Kuopio Music Centre
Kuopionlahdenkatu 23

Postal address
Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Kuopionlahdenkatu 23
FIN-70100 Kuopio

musiikkikeskus (at) kuopio.fi
Personal eMail addresses > forename. surname (at) kuopio.fi

Ticket Sales
Tel. 0600 96100 (1,98 €/min. + local service fee)
Kuopio Music Centre Ticket Sales is open Mon-Fri from 3 pm until 5 pm or until the beginning of the performance and on weekends 1 hour before the beginning of the performance. Open hours are valid for now.
musiikkikeskus (at) kuopio.fi
eMail addresses forename.surname (at) kuopio.fi
Tickets to the KSO concerts may also be purchased at Kuopio Info, Sokos Kiosk at the Department store Sokos Kuopio and other Lippupiste ticket sales outlets around the country, Kuopio City Theatre and www.lippu.fi

Administration and other personnel (joint administration with the Kuopio Music Centre)

Director of the Kuopio Music Centre and the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Jari Eskola
tel. 044 718 2361

Administrative Manager of the Kuopio Music Centre and the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Markku Ruotsalainen
tel. 044 7182 362

Marketing Manager of the Kuopio Music Centre and the Kuopio Symphoy Orchestra
Sari Kauhanen
tel. 044 7182 369

Producer (Kuopio Symphony Orchestra)
Publicity Manager (Kuopio Symphony Orchestra & Kuopio Music Centre)
Elina Prepula
tel. 044 7182 364

Producer (Kuopio Music Centre: Meetings, congresses and exhibitions, festivities)
Tiina Katainen
tel. 044 7182 371

Producer (Kuopio Music Centre: Concerts, Dance performances, stand up and other performance art)
Kati Koponen
tel. 044 7182 378

Orchestra Coordinator (Kuopio Symphony Orchestra)
Henna Korkalainen
tel. 044 7182 363

Administrative Secretary of the Kuopio Music Centre and the Kuopio Symphoy Orchestra
Anne Ahtonen
tel. 044 7182 375

Note Librarian & Service Manager (Kuopio Symphony Orchestra)
Jasper Sarinko
tel. 044 7182 365

Orchestra Attendant / Customer Service / Ticket Sales

Service Managers
Jyri Pirhonen, Oskari Räsänen, Jasper Sarinko and Eveliina Mönkkönen
tel. 044 7182 367
musiikkikeskus.aulaisanta (at) kuopio.fi

Technical personnel

Technical Manager
Kari Koponen
tel. 044-7182 372

Light & Sound Manager
Tuomas Iskanius
tel. 044-7181 051

Light & Sound Manager
Jari Lappalainen
tel. 044-7182 370

Restaurant Services / Restaurant Oodi

Restaurant Oodi – Kuopio Music Centre restaurants
Kuopionlahdenkatu 23
70100 Kuopio

Sales (open on weekdays from 9 am until 4 pm)
Sales Manager (Food & Beverage)
Tiina Tiilikainen
Mobile 045 1874 060
eMail ravintolapalvelutkuopio (at) kanresta.fi

Book your intermission and/or other refreshments and/or catering
in the internet:

Head of Restaurant Operations
Piia Savolainen
Mobile 040 5928 825
eMail piia.savolainen (at) kuopio.fi

Executive Chef
Juhani Pennanen
eMail juhani.pennanen (at) kanresta.fi

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