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Performance Venues

Kuopio Music Centre

The home of the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra is the Kuopio Music Centre Concert Hall. The Music Centre was opened by the lake Kallavesi and the Kuopio Bay in August 1985. The Kuopio Music Center is among the elite of Finnish concert halls and congress centers. It houses over 300 events annually and the attendance varies between 100.000-150.000 visitors. Kuopio Music Centre offers versatile and high class art experiences (music, dance, stand up). The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra introduces guest conductors and soloists of international level nearly every week on the Concert Hall stage and the top artists of the Finnish pop & rock and stand up scene visit Kuopio Music Centre on their tours.

The pride of the building is the 1050-seater Concert Hall with acoustics designed by professor Alpo Halme. The result has been widely applauded and the hall is perfectly suited both for classical and lighter music.

Before the Kuopio Music Centre was built and established as the home of the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, the orchestra was accustomed to practising as well as performing in various locations around the city of Kuopio; school gymnasiums, different facilities of the local barracks, the theatre house studio, the air-raid shelter, the Kuopio University’s large auditorium and the reception hall of the Kuopio City Hall.

Kuopio Music Centre address for visitors:
Kuopionlahdenkatu 23
70100 Kuopio

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Other performance venues

The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra also performs regularly outside the Kuopio Music Centre in different locations around the city of Kuopio as well the region of Northern Savo, such as the Kuopio Cathedral, Kuopio City Hall and the University of Eastern Finland. The orchestra also gives guest performances in other parts of the country and also in cooperation with other professional orchestras and choirs. The orchestra’s chamber music ensembles are welcomed on a regular basis to the day care centres, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, coffee houses and restaurants.


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