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Children and youth

Here you will find more information on the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s programme planned for children and youth as well as audience education by the KSO or in collaboration with other organizations in the city of Kuopio.

Kuopio Wall website

Kuopio Wall (Kuopion Seinä) website introduces cultural programme for children and youth in the city of Kuopio. You can also find the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s programme there.

See the KSO programme this season at the Kuopio Wall (Kuopion Seinä).

Music Boxes

The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra loans out Music Boxes at the Kuopio Music Centre for teaching purposes. The contents of the Music Boxes have been designed especially for early education but it is also adaptable for the daycare and nursery school education.

There are three different themes: classical music, Finnish folk music and jazz. Each Music Box contains information and examples on each genre as well ideas and instructions for music movement exercises, playing, singing and listening to music.

Loan period: max. 4 weeks. The person loaning the material is responsible for the transport of the Music Boxes.

musiikkikeskus (at) kuopio.fi
tel. 044 7182 367

Music Path

Since 2007 the orchestra has been an active part of the Kuopio city Cultural education plan (Culture Path or the “Nine Paths” referring to the comprehensive education grades from 1 to 9) for early and basic education; every year junior high school 7th-graders are invited to the Kuopio Music Centre to Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s special concerts as part of the so called Music Path.

The Music Path introduces the youth to a symphony orchestra, orchestral music and the conductor’s work. In these special concerts the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra plays, for example, opera music, musical and movie themes with the KSO second conductor Atso Almila. The teens are also educated on the orchestral instruments and the role of the conductor in a symphony orchestra. Music from different composers and eras in music paint a picture of, for example, from the opera The Marriage of Figaro, the Sad Waltz (Valse triste by Sibelius) as well as from western and space movies. Good vs. Evil – who will win?

In order to support the children’s creativity and receptivity it is suggested that the teacher familiarizes them to the introductory material of the Music Path before visiting the Kuopio Music Centre and attending the KSO concert.

More information about the Culture Path:

Jonna Forsman, Project Coordinator of the Culture Path Program and Cultural Planner of the City of Kuopio
tel. 044 718 2468
jonna.forsman (at) kuopio.fi

K9 Discount

The K9 Discount is a Culture Discount for the 9th-graders and also a part of the Kuopio city Cultural education plan (Culture Path) for early and basic education. After eight years on the culture path, all 9th-graders (K9 students) receive a privilege entitling them to avail themselves of all cultural services in the city of Kuopio. The cultural services and institutes of the city of Kuopio provide either a free or a discounted entry to students on their freetime. This includes schools from the following municipalities in the Northern Savo region:
Kuopio, Lapinlahti, Juankoski, Siilinjärvi, Tervo, Vieremä, Iisalmi, Rautalampi, Vesanto, Suonenjoki, Keitele, Pielavesi, Kiuruvesi, Sonkajärvi, Rautavaara, Tuusniemi and Kaavi.

The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra invites all children and youth under the age of 20 to enjoy the KSO Season Concerts for the price of 4 euros if the ticket is purchased on the day of the concert. The price also includes the ticket sales service fee, concert programme and cloakroom service. These discount tickets may only be purchased at the Kuopio Music Centre Box Office.

– the ticket should be purchased at the Kuopio Music Centre Ticket sales on the day of the concert
– to access the discount price a valid student card chould be presented when purchasing the ticket
– the discount price is only valid if there are still tickets left
– the discount price can only be applied to the Season Concert Series (8 concerts during the spring season and 8 concerts the autumn season)
– the discount price does not apply to any special concerts
– persons under the age of 20 are also entitled to the same discount price (age must be verified when purchasing the ticket)

More information on the K9 Programme of the city of Kuopio:

Drama Pedagogue Anni Marin
tel. 044 718 2380
anni.marin (at) kuopio.fi

Art Testers

The Finnish Cultural Foundation chose the orchestra to be a member of a national Art Testers Campaign starting in 2017 – during the first three campaign years between 2017-2020 the KSO reached approximately 3.000 eight-graders from the Northern Savo region. The orchestra was chosen also for the new campaign continuing in 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. The aim of the campaign is to provide young people with an opportunity to experience art, also art to which many would not otherwise have access such as classical music concerts. After the artistic experience the teenagers can evaluate it on their smartphones or tablets answering questions, for example, about the emotions that the art experience aroused.


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