Kuopion Kaupunginorkesteri

Lauri Siimes

The first conductor of the Kuopio City Orchestra (later called Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, the KSO) was Lauri Siimes (1933-2016). Siimes studied choir conducting at the Klemetti Music Institute in the early 1950’s and graduated as the military conductor from the Sibelius Academy in 1959. In 1962 Siimes finished his courses on orchestra conducting at the Sibelius Academy. He perfected his skills with the help of various master classes for conductors in Finland and abroad and got his diploma on orchestra conducting in 1977.

During his musical studies, ie. right after his military service, Siimes worked as a musician / a commissioned officer at the Finnish Military Forces for over 10 years. At that time he was also actively involved in various associations in different confidential posts.

Since 1962 until the early 1980’s Lauri Siimes worked as the music leader of the Kuopio Orchestra and later on as its conductor. During these years the orchestra grew into a professional orchestra; the working methods changed and the repertoire as well as the note library grew extensively.

During the Kuopio period Siimes simultaneously worked as a music teacher at the Kuopio open college (1963-75), the Kuopio lyceum (1964-65) as well as the Kuopio College of Music (1962-71). Siimes was also actively involved in the Kuopio Dance Festival’s activities, first as the chairman of the music division (1969-75) and later (1974-75) as the chairman of the festival’s board. In addition Siimes was the chairman of the Association of Finnish Conductors since 1974 and the director of the board of the Finnish Festivals in 1973-75.


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