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Unique Sounds of Circus concert offers modern circus and flamenco vocals with KSO

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Published 11.04.2023

Showy circus numbers combined with the music of Englund and de Falla on 14th of April

On Friday 14th of April at 7 pm we will enjoy an unique combination of modern circus, flamenco vocals and a live symphony orchestra, when the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra will perform Sounds of Circus season concert at the Kuopio Music Centre Concert Hall. The orchestra is conducted by Jukka Untamala and on the stage we will see professional circus artists of the Kuopio Circus performing juggling, rope walking, acrobatics and hoops with led lights among others. The programme consists of Andrea Tarrodi’s Lucioles, Einar Englund’s White Reindeer Suite and Manuel de Falla’s El Amor Brujo with the flamcenco vocalist Anna Murtola.

Magnificent orchestral music and fantastic circus acts will be combined on the 14th of April at the KSO concert. On the stage we will see the professional circus artists of the Kuopio Circus: Maiski Tiainen, Marjo Ylikorva, Minna Pulsa, Orfeo Llewellyn, Senni Nuutinen, Heikki Matero and Emilia Tengvall-Matero.

The cold landscapes of Lapland will be painted in front of us by Einar Englund’s suite composed for the movie White Reindeer. As the opposite we will hear Manuel de Falla’s fiery and passionate El Amor Brujo Suite with the flamenco singer Anna Murtola, who has studied flamenco vocals at the Danish Royal Music Academy in Aarhus.

As an introduction the KSO will play Andrea Tarrodi’s Lucioles from the year 2012. The orchestra is conducted by Jukka Untamala, who is among the most versatile musicians in Finland: he is among others the artistic director of Lohja City Orchestra, the original member of awarded Kamus String Quartet and with the quartet the artistic director of Our Festival.

Before the concert at 6.30 pm we will hear the thoughts of the performers of the concert at an open artist meeting at the Light Hall.

The duration of the concert is about 1 hour 15 minutes, including interval.

Tickets: 33 € / 27 € senior citizens and groups min. 20 persons / 11 € children under the age of 16 and students / 4 € concert day discount ticket for students and young people under the age of 20. Prices include the Kuopio Music Centre service fee 2 € / ticket. The service fees vary depending on the place of purchase.

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