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Friday 03.03.2023 at 7pm Concert Hall

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Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Eugene Tzigane, conductor
Henrik Sandås, bandoneon and arrangements
Minna Tervamäki, dance and choreography

Osvaldo Golijov: Last Round for String Orchestra
Astor Piazzolla: Concerto for bandoneon and orchestra “Aconcagua” (Publisher Edizioni Curci)
Astor Piazzolla / Henrik Sandås: Suite ángeles y diablos for bandoneon and symphony orchestra

Angels and Demons is a concert dedicated to tango nuevo and Astor Piazzolla who thought that there is both an angel and a demon within us all.

The title of Osvaldo Golijov’s “Last round” (1996) is borrowed from a short story on boxing by Julio Cortázar, the metaphor for an imaginary chance for Piazzolla’s spirit to fight one more time. The piece is conceived as an idealized bandoneon.

Piazzolla composed his concerto for bandoneon and orchestra in 1979 commissioned by Banque de Buenos Aires and also played as as soloists in the premiere that same year. The publisher also titled the work “Aconcagua” because, he said, “this is the peak of Astor’s oeuvre, and the highest mountain peak in South America is Aconcagua (on the Argentina-Chile border, due west of Buenos Aires)”.

The peak of this hommage concert to Piazzolla is Suite ángeles y diablos collected and arranged by Henrik Sandås featuring Minna Tervamäki, the beloved dancer and star of the Finnish National Ballet who also has choreographed the piece.

Produced by the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Tickets: 25 € / 20 € senior citizens and groups min. 20 persons / 11 € children under 16 and students
Discount ticket for the KSO Spring 2023 Season Ticket Customer: 10 € (max. 2 discount tickets / Season Ticket)

Prices include the Kuopio Music Centre service fee 2 € / ticket. The service fees vary depending on the place of purchase.



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