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Thursday 15.08.2024 at 6pm Concert Hall

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Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Antti Rissanen, conductor
Erja Lyytinen, guitar and vocals

Experience the Unforgettable: Blues Diamonds and Novels from Savo with Erja Lyytinen and the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra

Get ready for an extraordinary evening of music as the legendary Erja Lyytinen joins forces with the magnificent Kuopio Symphony Orchestra for an unforgettable concert titled Blues Diamonds and Novels from Savo. Erja Lyytinen, hailed as one of the finest blues guitarists in the world, brings her electrifying energy and soulful performances to the stage. Known for her impeccable guitar skills and captivating voice, Erja has dazzled audiences around the globe with her innovative blend of traditional blues and progressive soundscapes.

In Blues Diamonds and Novels from Savo Erja Lyytinen’s powerful blues riffs and heartfelt vocals will be beautifully complemented by the rich, layered sounds of a symphony orchestra. Arrangements made by conductor Antti Rissanen elevate Lyytinen’s music to new heights, creating an experience that will resonate with audiences long after its final note. The concert’s title, Blues Diamonds and Novels from Savo, is inspired by Erja’s deep connection to her roots in Kuopio and pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of the Savo region, where stories and traditions come to life through music. Nothing has a sweeter sound than calling out so high and loud: Savo, my darling home!

Join us for this one-of-a-kind concert experience and let Erja Lyytinen, alongside the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, take you on a musical journey through the heart of the blues and the soul of Savo. Get your tickets now and be a part of an evening where music knows no boundaries!

Produced by the Regional Council of Northern Savo
Tickets: 35 €
Price includes the Kuopio Music Centre service fee 2 € / ticket. The service fees vary depending on the place of purchase.



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